Directions for entering

JO National Championships

Qualification procedures are listed on the USAG web site


1. Each club must down load and Type in their athletes on the JO Nationals Entry form before Regional Championships and cross out non-qualifiers at the Regional Championships:

Please have your athlete’s competition shirt (step in) size available as it is part of the entry form.

The petition form for JO National Championships must be filled out completely with all supporting documentation before the competition.  It can be found at:



Each gymnast must have a completed NCAA release form with their club registration:


Allotment information can be found here:



2. Please bring the above mentioned forms completely filled out to the Optional Regional Championships.  There will be no computer available for you to use at the competition siteIf a Region 7 representative has to fill out your club form or petition there will be a $50 administrative fee. There will be a registration table and Region 7 representative at the competition to collect these forms and checks when all of your competitors have finished the competition. 


3. Please have one check for each team entry from your parents association, booster club or gym. Personal checks from gymnasts’ parents will not be accepted.  The cost for JO Nationals this year is $165 per gymnast.  Please make a check out to USA Gymnastics Region 7 Mens


 4. There will be a brief meeting of the top 10 optional gymnasts in each of the JO Nationals Qualifying divisions to explain camp/clinic selection procedures and events they may attend this year. 


5. Every coach with a qualifying gymnast will receive a collard Region 7 shirt when their JO Nationals entry is complete. 


6. Any entry/competition questions can be directed to Richard Pulsfort, Region 7 chairman.


7. Any judging /technical questions can be directed to Lenny Lucarello, Region 7 JO Technical Director or


8. Good luck at the competition