Please be patient as we transfer the Montco Gym Storefront and system to Liberty Bell Athletics.


Dear Friends & Valued Customers, 

We recognize that this past week has been difficult for you and your family. We apologize for the disruption and confusion. This has been a challenging time of uncertainty and transition; however, we are relieved to announce that an amicable resolution has been reached and Montco Gym has been reorganized. Former Principal, Brad Davis, along with a newly structured management team, would like to formally introduce Liberty Bell Athletics.  In addition, Liberty Bell Athletics and Cal Sports Academy have joined forces.

This strategic alliance and combined effort will ensure continuity as we collaboratively serve the families of our community. We are excited about this new opportunity and would like to welcome all of you back; we look forward to this new chapter. There will be many changes taking place in front of you and in real-time, but please know, that we will put you and your family first as we work to offer you more quality programming and lay a new foundation of trust.

Liberty Bell Athletics will open its doors to former Montco Gym Customers on Tuesday, May 28, 2019. All members of the Boys and Girls Gymnastics Teams should plan to resume at their normally scheduled practice times this Tuesday. All families signed up for Tuesday’s Instructional Classes are urged to return that day as well.

Liberty Bell Athletics plans to honor all Montco Gym commitments to the best of our ability and as timely as possible.  We will be offering the choice of makeup classes or credit towards next session. In addition to honoring our commitments, we will be providing incentives as our way of saying ‘Thank You’ for your business; this will be detailed in a separate email.  For those of you that may choose not to return, we will provide refunds for any services paid for, but not rendered. While we would regret not to have the opportunity to serve you and your family, we would completely understand; in which case, we hope that we may have the opportunity again in the future.

It is our express intent to do what is necessary to regain the confidence of our valued community.  This will be achieved through hard work and an open line of communication. Please be patient as we sift through the unanswered emails and calls. It is our number one priority to speak to each one of you by phone or in person. We will begin that initiative this Tuesday and continue in earnest until the job is done.

Gratefully Yours,


L. Bradley Davis

Managing Member, Liberty Bell Athletics



Liberty Bell Athletics is the largest built-for-sports performance and training facilities in the region! It was designed from the ground up for safety, fun and the purpose of teaching students and athletes the latest techniques in the sport of gymnastics, cheerleading, and various turf and hardwood sports. The 32,000 square foot, clear span, center is filled with the latest equipment. There are actually three complete gymnasiums and a parents viewing area... Trench Pits and Tumble Track Pits for "State of the Art" Safety and for our athletes to learn the highest level of training techniques in the safest environment possible.                               


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